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Road to Nowhere

A Neon Noir/Synthwave FMV Roadtrip to Nowhere · By 15BiT


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Road to Nowhere Early Access "0.3.8" Released
CHANGELOG (0.3.8) The cursors now animate and pulsate when over a hotspot, this will help players who struggle to define when the cursor changes to the appropri...
3 files — 0.3.8b
Road to Nowhere Early Access "0.3.7" released
27th MAY 2021 CHANGELOG (0.3.7) Changed all caption text from images to TextMeshPro objects. It required writing some fade in/out coroutines but works a lot nic...
3 files — 0.3.7
Road to Nowhere Early Access "0.3.6" released
CHANGELOG (0.3.6) 20th MAY 2021 Re-coded auto-save function to improve performance and also fixed an alignment issue with the cassette sprite at 16:10 aspect ra...
Road to Nowhere "Early Access" 0.3.4a Hotfix Release
13TH MAY 2021 CHANGELOG *HOTFIX* Fixed debug flag at the diner entrance which skipped the whole dinner sequence. Added a new camera trick during gameplay. If yo...
3 files — 0.3.4a
Road to Nowhere "Early Access" 0.3.4 Released
13TH MAY 2021 CHANGELOG Added a new camera trick during gameplay. If you click on an object the camera will dynamically move to that object. Gives the game a bi...
3 files — 0.3.4
Road to Nowhere "early access" 0.3.3 is out
7TH MAY 2021 CHANGELOG Added a new credit sequence that is now done in-engine rather than that playing a pre-rendered video. This allows for greater flexibility...
3 files — 3.3.3
Road to Nowhere "Early Access" Builds Available.
You can purchase an early-access version of the game and watch the development of the game and even make contributions to the project by giving feedback. This v...
3 files
Road to Nowhere nominated as a Finalist at the "New Zealand Games Festival 2021"
15BiT Games are DELIGHTED to announce that Road to Nowhere has been announced as a finalist for The Guest Plate award at the Pav Awards which is being held at t...
3 files
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Will purchasing the early access version get us a copy of the full game when it's ready ?
started by PublicLewdness Apr 23, 2021
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